About Us


Pilar Anugrah has more than 18 years running business in the field of handling business of trading of its special raw materials vinilla bean and spices.

We started since 1999 started by our old generation that is our grandfather who started from small and medium business after losing main business since economy Crysis in indonesia in 1998, as a small business at that time we always put forward quality, good relationship and service to Customers and honesty are always in the plan by our old generation.After the start of the business we are increasingly penetrated from small traders to become a distributor for some local Indonesian manufacturers of this business after being managed by our elderly generation in the abundance of a family business.

When in 2003 vanilla trading business slumped due to some distributors or sellers vanilla bean misbehaving and dishonest causing vanilla indonesia prices fell, then we are committed to keep our loyalty and integrity as one of the entrepreneurs who can be trusted by our customers.

In 2011, seeing the development of vanilla business back up we prepare to compete with other distributors by developing ourselves and registering our business in a legal entity that is recognized by the government and has its own brand. Where we call the Pilar Anugrah Sejahtera / Golden plant.

Since 2014 Pilar Anugrah has been working as a distributor of domestic and overseas producers. To reflect its focus on expanding business relationships with entrepreneurs and outside producers we changed our name to Pilar Anugrah Sejahtera as part of our strategy to focus more on this business so that our customers are sure to cooperate prolonged.

Currently, we continue to serve several industries as a supplier of spices raw materials, especially vanilla raw materials of vanilla bean from Indonesian origin countries namely Vanilla Planifolia and Vanilla Tahitinesis from PNG to assist customers in making their products.

Expansion of our business with the intention / purpose to:

  •  ensure the availability of vanilla beans for our customers
  •  ensure quality is maintained
  •  stabilize the market price so that it can be affordable and profitable to both parties.

and not to let the quality of Vanilla decrease and the quality is not maintained, For that we are present in the middle of this vanilla bean trade to remain : always put forward right quality, good relationship and service to the customer as well as honesty as has been taught our predecessors.

We have overcome many obstacles in our long history of becoming ourselves now. We are today more enthusiastic than ever and continue to grow.

If you are interested for your business, contact us today.


We partnership with every step of the way with all customers, through the cooperation of the provision of goods, purchasing partnerships, or any product creation expected by the customer.


Through our ability to establish communications and partnerships with farmers and market level, we Pilar Anugrah Sejahtera also provide opportunities for customers or corporations who want to invest with us. Because We are also known as a key player in vanilla indonesia market and provide every service and quality of quality goods.

If you are a player who want invests long term or short and willing to participate coloring the international market in the field of trading of spices and plantations of his special herb vanilla, for that we give the challenge and the opportunity to invest on this day, please .

Golden Plant